Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dance-It Feels so Good

I just finished this painting and posted it on etsy this morning.

It reminds me of how fun dancing is even though as I've gotten older I worry about how I look when I'm dancing and don't do it as much.  Oh, I sweat so much too--I know I shouldn't even think of that because it truly feels soooo good to dance.  I saw a quote by Anne Lamott that says something like "dancing is almost always a good decision" (not sure exactly--can't find it on my desk).  Anyway, when you think about it--it really is!  When my daughter was younger we would have dance parties in our living room and it was so fun and exhilirating--I NEED to keep doing that.  It sure forces us to laugh, let go and really be happy!


  1. Oh, haven't danced in a long while - too long! Dancing can be such fun - turn on the music!

  2. We have a wedding next Sat. so I hope I can get over my worries and just have a blast!


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