Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Working on Lately...Will I Ever Finish?

Since I had foot surgery two weeks ago I've been mostly "painting" on my ipad, but just recently since I don't need my foot propped so much, I've adding lots of finishing touches to a few different paintings.

Two of them I finally finished yesterday--a sweet giraffe and a chubby elephant.  The elephant painting is titled "She's Happy" but I still need a title for the giraffe--any ideas?

But there are still quite a few I just can't seem to finish or declare that they are finished.  I wonder how many other artists out there just can't feel a piece is "ready for the world."  Is this the perfectionist in me (I don't think I'm a perfectionist) or is it worry that it's just not good enough?  The "just not good enough" is something I'm really trying to work on...as well as finishing some paintings.

Since I love love love the water, a few new pieces are of boats sailing on water.  If I had my way, we'd live on the coast somewhere, or at least on the lake that is two minutes from our house.  One of our dreams that I hope will come true someday.  Maybe painting water will bring me closer to that dream?  Do you believe in creative visualization?  Do you have a vision board with things you hope to bring into your life?  Well, on my old one from last year, there are many pictures of the calm, soothing water.  Hopefully someday these dreams that I paint will manifest and bring us a water view right from our back porch in the form of a lake or the ocean!

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