Monday, December 8, 2014

Special Holiday Ornaments

I love this time of year.  It's exciting and cozy and those once-a-year decorations make everything joyful.  Here are a few special ornaments on our tree.

Bella and her Papa (my dad) when she was about 4 years old.  He died a few years ago so it's very special to see this on the tree every year.

A sweet and fun snowman ornament Bella made in grade school.  I just love him!  She no longer makes us handmade ornaments and I'll admit I miss that.

This foam tree with blue sequins she made just for Daddy a few years ago.

A sweet, chubby cardinal ornament that reminds me of my grandma.  She loved cardinals and collected figurines of them, so everytime I now see a cardinal I say "hi Grandma" because she's no longer with us.  It comforts me when I see one flying by or sitting in a tree outside.

I bet you have a few favorite ornaments, some that have special meaning to you, ones that you will never get rid of.  Care to share any of them with me?  I'd love to hear about them and what they mean to you. 

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