Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gratitude - 'Tis the Season

When I got my new, blank journal I decided to go through my favorite quotes that I had written down and make sort of an inspiring book for myself.  On each page I create a fun background and then go through my quotes and add them so I can have some artsy inspiration by my side, all in one book. 

I found this quote and knew I had to add it to my art journal.  I'm not sure where it got it from, possibly Mark and Angel Hack, who have tons of inspiration on their website.  It's so funny that I never thought this way before.  I now DO notice that when I'm counting my blessings and thanking God and the Universe for things in my life, I feel more grateful - in turn I think LESS about the things I don't have or the things I do have that I wish I actually didn't have (ahem--lupus for example).  

When I sit down and think about every little thing I am thankful for I feel so much better and so darn blessed.  Here are a few...
  • my daughter Isabella
  • my loyal and snuggly dog Mazie who often drives me nuts, but I realize how much love she brings to me
  • my hubby Shane who also drives me nuts but has known me since we were seniors in high school, so we have been through so much together and that adds up to a lot
  • creating art...it has brought me new friends, new visions, tons of joy and even some healing

  • great lifelong friends that I've known since grade school - so so lucky to have them in my life so long
  • my ability to walk around every day, sometimes in pain, but still I can do it while some can't
  • my eyesight - so much beauty to look at every day, like the amazing beach in Destin

Those are just a few but since Thanksgiving is approaching, I want to visit all the great things I do have to be thankful for. I'd love it if you'd share below a couple things you are so grateful for.  It's so uplifting hearing about others gratitude. 

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