Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dance-It Feels so Good

I just finished this painting and posted it on etsy this morning.

It reminds me of how fun dancing is even though as I've gotten older I worry about how I look when I'm dancing and don't do it as much.  Oh, I sweat so much too--I know I shouldn't even think of that because it truly feels soooo good to dance.  I saw a quote by Anne Lamott that says something like "dancing is almost always a good decision" (not sure exactly--can't find it on my desk).  Anyway, when you think about it--it really is!  When my daughter was younger we would have dance parties in our living room and it was so fun and exhilirating--I NEED to keep doing that.  It sure forces us to laugh, let go and really be happy!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our 16h Anniversary

Well, can't believe it, but Shane and I have been married for 16 years on May 20.  Time really does fly when you've known someone since senior year in high school.  To celebrate we went to Madison for the weekend because it's only about a 45 minute drive from our house (gas prices are soooo high right now, I wanted to have a short drive).  Our hotel was right by the state capitol, and the weather was beautiful so we did LOTS of walking.  We are both actually so sore and stiff it's scary.  Anyway, the weather was great; tulips were in bloom; the big farmers market was great to finally attend--one of the vendor's flowers were soooo amazing. 

We ate at one Italian restaurant with a view of Lake Monona--I love being near the water.  State Street was interesting to walk down and we even found UW-Madison and Lake Mendota which we sat on the shore of for a while.  It was really a relaxing weekend with just the two of us walking around, eating good food and of course napping which we both do so well.

Here we are taking a rest near the start of the campus in the shade.  It was a good weekend, just the two of us with a whole lot of nothing to do, but just be together.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Paper Star Nights

About five years ago I found this quote on a bulletin board in the waiting room of a doctor's office and just had to copy it down.

"Under paper star nights
we take walks for
ice cream cones
and listen to the songs
of crickets in their
hiding places."

There's just something about the summer night imagery here that makes me feel like ahhhhh.  I picture a dark night, full of stars, walking under big leafy trees with someone I love and hearing those beloved crickets, the only sound around. 

I did a painting/collage with this quote and sold two paintings (but with slightly different backgrounds) right away.  It must have been just as powerful an image to the buyers as to me.  I just finished another one called "Paper Star Nights III" and hope it draws someone else in as well.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Heartfelt Thank You to Art

I know it may seem weird, but I want to thank Art for helping me heal.  Yes, I truly believe that when I got really low and my lupus was at its worst, starting to paint regularly helped me toward getting better physically and emotionally.  It also led me to leave my teaching job, helping me realize it wasn't the right fit for me after all.
I'm sure some people think this is quite hokey, but I truly believe art does heal.  It made me come alive and search my soul for what it really needed which was more art and being true to me.

I used to constantly worry about everything...everything!  But when I'm painting or collaging, all that worry goes away.  I get lost.  A good lost.  It has taught me to be in the moment and not worry about what did happen or what could possibly happen (or not!).  It has brought me peace, much needed peace that a worrier often lacks.

So, again, Thank You've changed my life.

Thank You note to Art, for crescendoh’s Art Saves feature

Please visit Stephey Baker at Marked by the Muse to see her story of how Art Saves.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Art Show This Weekend

I was in the Racine Lakefront Festival of the Arts this past Saturday, my second year partaking in it.  It was absolutely freezing!  I'm typically a warm person, but this was crazy!  Another vendor kept bringing his propane heater over to thaw me out every hour or so.  Aside from that the day went well.  My husband and daughter stayed with me until noon; then they took grandma out to lunch for Mother's Day and came back to help me tear down at about 3:30.  It was great to have their company for half of the day.  After they left, my lifelong friend Carrie came to visit as well.  It means so much to have support from friends and family with my art and shows.  Not everyone is supportive, but I'm so grateful for the ones who are!

It was also great to see some repeat customers who bought two paintings last year and three from me this year, as well as the item I donated to the silent auction for the fair.  They havve SIX of my paintings--talk about making a person feel good!  Thanks to Steve T. and his wife!

I've applied for a few more for the summer and fall and am anxiously awaiting to find out if I'm accepted or not.  Crossing my fingers!
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