Monday, May 9, 2011

Art Show This Weekend

I was in the Racine Lakefront Festival of the Arts this past Saturday, my second year partaking in it.  It was absolutely freezing!  I'm typically a warm person, but this was crazy!  Another vendor kept bringing his propane heater over to thaw me out every hour or so.  Aside from that the day went well.  My husband and daughter stayed with me until noon; then they took grandma out to lunch for Mother's Day and came back to help me tear down at about 3:30.  It was great to have their company for half of the day.  After they left, my lifelong friend Carrie came to visit as well.  It means so much to have support from friends and family with my art and shows.  Not everyone is supportive, but I'm so grateful for the ones who are!

It was also great to see some repeat customers who bought two paintings last year and three from me this year, as well as the item I donated to the silent auction for the fair.  They havve SIX of my paintings--talk about making a person feel good!  Thanks to Steve T. and his wife!

I've applied for a few more for the summer and fall and am anxiously awaiting to find out if I'm accepted or not.  Crossing my fingers!


  1. Cross my fingers for you! Let art show!

  2. Hey Jill!!!!! I have been good...Busy with my kids and online classes...I am behind in ALL of my fact that we are definitely MOVING has kind of hit me lately.....I am having a hard time with it..I know it will be great and it will all work out but I am feeling a lot of anxiety and that, I am good...I have been trying to create as much as possible.......I have decided that when we move I am going to open a store....(that is exciting)..We are looking for a property with a big barn I can convert into LUNIE BIN...How are you? the art show you were in looked great!!! Did you sell a bunch of stuff? What is new?

  3. Hi Jill, thanks for your lovely comment left at my blog :) Congrats on the art fair - looks like (apart from the cold) alot of fun! And your beautiful bright colours would cheer anyone up! Take care, X Donna


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