Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our 16h Anniversary

Well, can't believe it, but Shane and I have been married for 16 years on May 20.  Time really does fly when you've known someone since senior year in high school.  To celebrate we went to Madison for the weekend because it's only about a 45 minute drive from our house (gas prices are soooo high right now, I wanted to have a short drive).  Our hotel was right by the state capitol, and the weather was beautiful so we did LOTS of walking.  We are both actually so sore and stiff it's scary.  Anyway, the weather was great; tulips were in bloom; the big farmers market was great to finally attend--one of the vendor's flowers were soooo amazing. 

We ate at one Italian restaurant with a view of Lake Monona--I love being near the water.  State Street was interesting to walk down and we even found UW-Madison and Lake Mendota which we sat on the shore of for a while.  It was really a relaxing weekend with just the two of us walking around, eating good food and of course napping which we both do so well.

Here we are taking a rest near the start of the campus in the shade.  It was a good weekend, just the two of us with a whole lot of nothing to do, but just be together.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!! Wow!!! 16 yrs..good for you.........What is your

    I wish I could give up drink so much caffeine it is ridiculous....I actually have to drink it bc if I dont I get migraines really bad.....My neurologist told me I can never give it up...woooohooooooo......

    Congrats on getting accepted to the art are on a roll........Way to go......


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