Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Some New and Needed Changes on the Horizon

Change is in the air.  The leaves are turning vibrant shades of orange, yellow and red.  They are starting to dance down to the ground.  Fall has officially arrived.  I do love this time of year.  The sky is such an amazing shade of blue; clouds are bright white.  It's like an amazing painting.

Not only is the season changing, but I have to start changing a few things myself.  A recent bone density test showed me that I'm already having thinning of my femur bone.  I'm only 41--this is not news I want to hear.  The doctor told me that thinning in the spine is normal, not this.  She immediately wanted to put me on Boniva, but I have heard pretty grim things about those types of "bone building" medications.  I contacted my regular doctor and she told me to trust my gut and not start this medication.  She feels we can work on this through diet and exercise, so a new chapter of my life begins.  One of really consciously exercising and eating specific bone-building foods.  I'll be honest, I'm not in love with exercising.  I do enjoy yoga, but other than that I'd rather sit and paint or read.  BUT, I don't want weak bones at the age of 41, so I have to make these changes.  Hopefully the natural changes will be good enough so I won't need the medications that have yucky side effects.

My plan is to write about these new changes here to hold myself accountable.  I have a few friends who I know will encourage me along this new journey as well.  Thank you!

The first item on my agenda is to walk as much as possible.  I started yesterday and took another long walk this morning.  Since I had foot surgery in June and was off my right foot for about 9 weeks, I feel pretty out of shape, but I'm assuming it can only get better with daily practice, right?  Aside from the walking, I plan to lift my arm weights, not sure if I should do them daily or take a break in between each day--that I will find out from the doctor.  Also, yoga stretches, which make me feel so great, I will do EVERY day.  There's no reason not to--I can do them right in my living room and they feel great, so I have no excuses not to do this.

So, here's the start of my new changes...exercising is a top priority for me starting yesterday!  So, if you have any tips on staying motivated to get my body moving daily, please share them here.  Like I said, I don't LOVE exercising, so I may need lots of help from those of you who do fit it in your daily life.

Next up, changing my way of eating...this may be even harder than daily exercising.  I love my food. Stay tuned for some new healthy food additions to my days.  I hear sardines with bones are supposed to be good bone food...good Lord.
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