Friday, June 10, 2011

The End of Elementary School

Today was the last day of elementary school for Bella.  Our district built two new "intermediate" schools three years ago and they span fifth through eighth grade.  At first I was not happy with this at all.  I was worried she'd grow up tooooo fast and be exposed to toooo much toooo soon.  But now, since we've had an open house there, I'm actually excited for her because they seem to have a lot of exciting opportunities such as fun clubs like yearbook, photography, even archery (she got a real bow a year ago), etc.  She also is signed up for choir and will be taking the flute.  All that aside, it's still hard to see my one and only baby girl growing up before my eyes. 

I hope that she remains a good student because I was not a good teenager at all.  I PRAY that God doesn't get revenge on me by her turning into a snotty girl like I was in school.  So far, though she's a firecracker for sure, she's a peach in school.  I really want to enjoy this summer with her because in a few years, she may not want to be with Mommy as much as she does now!

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