Thursday, June 16, 2011

Love this Book

I'm reading The Story of Beautiful Girl right now and I'm loving it (especially since I'm off for the summer and have more time to read). 

It takes place in the south during the late 1960s and much of it is in a mental institution--it's disturbing how they treat these residents--some of them should never have been placed there.  I could go on forever about the injustices of that situation, but that's not the only focus at all.  It is the story of two residents who fell in love there and escaped for one night--one of them a deaf African American man and one a beautiful white girl with some cognitive disabilities (basically put there by her father who didn't want the embarassment of her). 

The young girl gives birth to a baby (father unknown--raped by another resident) and they hide for one night with an old woman out in the woods.  The police and institution authorities come and take the girl back, the man runs and the old woman is left to hide and take care of the baby since the authorities no nothing of this new little one YET.

It's interesting to see how the two of them got to this place in time, what they're thinking and feeling as they hope to reunite and find a better place in this world.

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