Monday, June 20, 2011

Are you True???

I've done a few paintings/collages with the theme be true to yourself.  This phrase resonates with me because so much of my life up until now, I wasn't true to myself.  I worried, worried, worried what others thought of me and my actions.  I chose to do and say things that wouldn't make people look at me like I was an oddball. I wanted to fit in so badly.

I now wish I had that phrase in my head a lot earlier in life because life is sooooo much better, so much more peaceful when I am doing what is right for me and not worrying how I will appear.  It's definitely a work in progress but I'm getting there.

Do you follow your truth?  Do you have a hard time doing this?  What kinds of things are you afraid to show to the world?  Or are you brave and completely show your true self?


  1. Hi Jill, I've been appreciating your work at "Be Yourself. Ning" an thought I'd pay a visit. I simply love what you wrote about and your questions are exactly those I ask myself constantly. I completely agree that people should live an authentic life without worrying what other's may think or say. Kudos to you! I myself am woking on it. TFS

  2. Thanks, Maggie for stopping by! I've been loving your work as well:)

  3. ahh yes we are all works in progress...well i just turned 50 and that is when you can be who you are...right..?so yes Im pretty far along the journey..but still have setbacks...besides whats wrong with being who we are..its better than being someone else..! Thanks for stopping...looking forward to visiting here and viewing your work..!

  4. Robin--I hope by 50 I'll have it all together! I agree though--we don't want to be someone else--wish I would've known that in my teens and twenties.

    Glad you stopped by as well.


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