Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Babe Back to School

Today was a big day for us as Isabella entered fifth grade, which may not seem like a big deal to most, but this is a new school--it's a 5th - 8th grade building.  Yep, I know, pretty young for "middle school" which they really call intermediate school. 

Kids are growing up too fast, and I worry that entering 5th grade in such a bigger school setting will make her grow up even faster!  They do say they still follow an elementary model, with having the same teacher for core classes and only switching for band, art, phy ed and foreign language.  HOWEVER, if they ride the bus, they actually ride with high schoolers!  What?!  I can't see my little ten-year-old on a bus with high schoolers.  Luckily I work part-time and I can drop her off in the morning.

Report for the day was a good one though which was reassuring.  She had a great experience on her first day in her new school and she's very excited for the rest of the adventure coming ahead, like starting the flute and taking foreign language (exploring Spanish, German and Mandarin).

So, I guess I need to just relax and let her enjoy all
her new experiences and opportunities and make sure she's still my one and only baby at home.


  1. I work with kids in a therapeutic setting and marvel at what they can learn when I support them but tell them how. We are amazingly humans. What a gift you are giving your babe...letting her find her way.

  2. Hope her first day went well! My daughter just started fourth grade - yes, they do grow up way too fast! We homeschool right now, so it wasn't a huge transition. But, we'll probably move to public school for fifth grade and I'll be in the same boat as you this time next year.

  3. Her first day went well--great she said!

    Thanks for visiting, ladies! It's nice to hear from you.



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