Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Love...Water

My intention to share things I love this month will help me stay grateful and positive through the rest of cold and dark February (I hope).  Today I'm sharing my love of the water, the sound, the feel of swimming in it.  I am drawn to it, especially that crystal clear water of the Caribbean Sea in Jamaica.  Which is actually very funny because growing up I was deathly afraid of drowning.  I still can only hold my breath for a few seconds without panicking.

Somehow as I got older and visited Mexico and Jamaica I became magnetized by it.  When we booked our trips I told the travel agent "it has to have that really clear water."  I know there are other people out there who feel that same pull of the water, a lake, an ocean, maybe even just a soothing soak in the tub.  My fountain in the backyard relaxes me and brings sweet birdies in to take a sip or a quick bath.
A warm summer afternoon captured last year on Instagram with my babbling fountain.

One of my original paintings with water, for a sweet girl; I love to include water in my paintings because it is so soothing and dreamy to me.

Lunch during Spring Break last year in Lake Havasu, Arizona.  Sitting by the water with the breeze blowing, enjoying a cocktail was heaven.  Life is just more carefree by the water.

Enjoying the feel of the water on my feet on Okauchee Lake while sitting on a friend's pier.

Our family trip to Mexico with my in-laws about five years ago...I love this shot of Shane and Bella enjoying the shore.

One of my favorite shots I took while on a glass-bottom boat ride in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

The amazing, amazing view from our balcony in Jamaica--wow.  Seriously wow.

One more peek between some trees on the shore of the Caribbean Sea.  Can you guess why I am so entranced by the water?

I'll admit one of my deepest dreams is to live on the water someday.  I tell my husband I want to retire in a little cottage by the sea in Jamaica with a hammock swinging between two palm trees.  It's got to happen someday, right?  It has to.

I hope these pictures brought some peace, beauty and calm to you as it did for me reliving their memories.

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