Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Love...Flowers

This month's blogging theme for me is "love."  I know it's cliche, but it fits and I always need a pick-me-up in February, the time of year that sort of drags for me--less sun, cold, you know, yucky Wisconsin weather.  Hopefully some of the things I love will cheer you up just by reading about them or seeing photos of them too!

Today, something I don't see much of this time of year are fresh flowers.  I love growing them, cutting them for vases and photographing them.  When I found Instagram and got my iphone last year I was in heaven!

Here are a few, well quite a few, of the flowers I took pics of last spring and summer.  I hope they bring some color and sunshine to your day!

Sweet tulip, one of my favorite flowers.

 Cheerful yellow dahlias.

I love how these pink dahlias turned out with the sun at their backs.  

Another pink dahlia--I love this close up of the back--typically wouldn't think to take a picture of the back of a flower, but I love this shot so much.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a burst of color and cheer with these sweet flowers.  

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