Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Artist Interview with Linda Barutha

Today I’d like to share an interview with artist and fellow Wisconsinite, Linda Barutha of Linda Barutha Designs.  We met through Flying Lessons, an e-course sponsored by artist Kelly Rae Roberts.   Linda is a gal-of-all-trades, dipping herself into paint, papercraft, crochet as well as teaching others.   
Do you remember when you first really started to enjoy creating things?
Growing up money was tight for our family, so my mom always had us crafting something as gifts for the holidays.  At the time I had no idea it was a money issue.  I just thoroughly enjoyed crafting. 

Who are some artists that have inspired you or are still inspiring you along your creative journey?
My brother is an amazing artist, but he really doesn’t practice his talent.  And, my uncle was a professional artist all of his life, so maybe there is some genetics involvedJ  I have followed Donna Downey since her beginning scrapbooking days and love her constant growth and passion.  Melody Ross is also another artist that inspires me because she has made me feel okay with inter-mixing my passion of inspiring anyone to make art and just love being themselves.  Which also takes me to Christy Tomlinson.  Another great mixed-media artist that shares my passion for teaching. 

Do you have a muse or an inspiration that helps you with your creations and design?
Over the years I’ve become quite particular about what inspires me.  Typically, it’s a feel or style that I’m trying to achieve. 
If you weren’t an artist, what do you think you’d do for a living?
Although I’m not currently relying on my art for my financial obligations, I can’t imagine not having a form of creativity in my life.  I seem to crave it. 

What is your favorite quote, motto or affirmation?
 “There are no mistakes in art”. 

(Photo credit:  Linda Barutha)

Do you have a community of other artists or friends/family members who you consider to be supportive of your creative endeavors?
Thanks to Kelly Rae Roberts, I now have the honor of being a part of the elite artists that I took her Flying Lessons course with.  The support I receive from them truly has been a highlight of my daily life.  It really does help to keep my business focus in the forefront of my mind. 

Do you have any favorite blogs you enjoy reading and would you share them with us?
I’ve been blogging for quite a few years, and I follow well over 250 blogs right now.  My favorites change all the time.  My top three right now are Christy Tomlinson, Donna Downey and Kris Lanae Binsfeld. 

Do you have any future dreams or goals that you are working on or dreaming about?
Currently, I’m working on creating enough art and then hiring a licensing agent to help me line up contracts.  I’m also in the beginning stages of writing my second book and launching an online art course. 

What advice would you give to aspiring artists who truly want to live a creative life?
Simply do what you love.  Don’t fall victim to thinking you “can’t”.  You can do anything you set your mind to. 

Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us, Linda! 
I hope you all enjoyed learning a bit more about Linda as well.  Personally she's an inspiration to me and I'm excited for her to achieve her upcoming goals such as writing a second book.


  1. Great interview! Great getting to know Linda a bit more!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. PUFFY HEART !!!!!!! oxxoxo Renee
    Happily Ever After by Renee Burke, LLC

  3. Thanks for stopping by and reading Linda's interview, girls! It is great to learn more about her and what's even better is we live in the same county and we've already got to meet in person. So many great things are coming of our Flying Lessons experience:)


  4. Jill you did very well helping Linda tell pieces of her story. It was nice getting to know her better.

  5. Ah, great interview. Love Linda, and it is so nice to get to know her better.

  6. Great interview! I feel like I know Linda better, and it's always fun to learn about other people's inspirations. Thanks!

  7. That was fun! Looking forward to reading more about our girls!

  8. Great interview Jill. Thanks for sharing.
    Kyles =D

  9. That was a fun interview! So cool that Flying Lessons brought you two together, and brought a few more of us along for the ride too! Thanks!

  10. Great idea to do intewrwievs on your blog - i like this one! Happy weekend to you!


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