Thursday, February 17, 2011

You Make Me Smile

I just finished this colorful painting and titled it, "You Make Me Smile."  I was inpired by the song "You Make Me Smile" by Uncle Kracker as I was driving home from work today.  Then in turn I thought of my daughter Isabella who will be turning 10 on Tuesday because she truly does make me smile.  (Not always of course--she's quite a spitfire).  But I have truly noticed that I have so much more joy in my life since she's been in it.  I have become a MUCH calmer person.  She's taught me to live in the moment and that it is fun to play board games and color silly pictures with her.  She's also taught me how important it is to really listen to a person and look them in the eyes when they are telling you something, even if it might only  be about a game they played at recess.  I'll admit I get quite sad when I realize how old she's getting because I LOVE babies and she's so far from that stage now.  However, each new age gives us new things to experience and learn about life with her.

When I think of how lucky I am to be her mommy and have her as my daughter, I feel so blessed.  It kind of makes all the other fears, worries and anxieties seem a bit smaller.

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