Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trying New Things

These past two years have been full, I mean full of changes for me.  I went through 18 months of chemotherapy for my lupus nephritis (kidneys), quit my full-time job as a teacher, started working only 20 hours a week, painting regularly, starting an etsy shop and doing occasional art shows on the weekends.

 So many of these decisions came from my heart speaking to me, but so many inspirational quotes have also pushed me as well, such as this one from Max Dupree. 

"We cannot become what we NEED to be, remaining what we are."

Part of my journey of change is reminding myself that if I want a certain life, I have to do different things.  I've been painting for a few years, but now I'm starting to draw as well which I'm finding so fun because I'm letting it flow out of me more easily than when I paint.  I drew (then painted) this girl today and I'm pleased with it.  Typically I shy away from drawing people at all--faces are hard for me, hair is hard for me and hands are almost impossible.  But today I felt looser and free as I drew her.  I actually love her face and her hair (hands are hiding behind the dress).  For me, she's great, compared to any other peope I've drawn.  It's actually giving me a boost of confidence to try even more people. 

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