Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm Loving!!! Flora Bowley


Right now I'm loving, LOVING, the artist Flora Bowley.  Below is one of her new paintings.  Aren't the colors just amazing?  I truly would love to have such beautiful creative talents.  I would also love one of her beautiful, big canvases on one of my walls.  I visit her blog "Bloom True" quite often just to see if she has any new creations posted.  They just speak to me.  They wow me.  They mesmerize me.  I would love LOVE to take one of her workshops but don't know if I can swing it financially.  But, wow, would I love to be in her presence and learn from her.  For now, I guess I keep checking out her amazing paintings. 

Painting: http://florabowley.typepad.com/blog/


  1. I so admire this artist as well.. I would love to trvl to england and see her on the retreat she will be teaching at next year.. if only.. I need a money tree.. seriously.. xo

  2. I agree, Bonnie, I would love to travel and see her too, but yes, a money tree would be nice. It's not in the cards for me right now, but wow, she is an amazing inspiration!


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