Saturday, January 22, 2011

Girl Power

Reach for the stars.  Follow your dreams.  Dream big.  Be an ORIGINAL.  Be true to yourself.  These are just some of the inspirational and IMPORTANT messages I'm trying to convey in my new painting "Girl Power."   

Growing up I was never taught these things.  I was taught to settle down, don't get so loud and excited.  I was even asked why I would want to go to college, when all I really would probably be doing is getting married and having babies.  I want girls to have a different message than those limiting ones, espeically since I have a daughter of my own.  I want her to feel that she has power, the power to be what she wants, the power to follow her dreams and her heart and the power to be true to herself. 

Maybe you know a young girl who you can encourage to be herself and not always worry about what others think.  To listen to her heart.  Help her follow her deepest wishes.

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