Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fairy Garden - New Painting

I just posted this new painting entitled Fairy Garden on etsy today.  I actually started it months ago and it's just been sitting among a bunch of other unfinished paintings.  Since I'm feeling ready for spring, I thought this colorful one would be a perfect one to finish.  My daughter actually likes it for herself, but we're going to be redoing her room soon and she keeps changing her mind about color choices, so I'll do something else for her when she decides on definite colors.

In other good news, the painting that I posted yesterday, called Girl Power, already sold today!  That has never happened to me--a sale so soon after posting.  Thanks to Lisa in Ohio!

I'm very excited about my future and being an artist.  I recently contacted Bonnie Rose of the blog A Life Unrehearsed and she got back to me a few hours later with some great encouragement.  It's so heartwarming when an artist gets back to me, especially since many of them don't.  You should check out her blog as it's colorful and encouraging.

Lastly, the Packers are playing the Bears today for the spot in the Super Bowl and we're so excited over here.  GO PACKERS!!!

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  1. Thanks for the mention! HAPPY FRIDAY. I love your paintings.. we are all growing as artists, none of us has ever arrived.. there is room for everyone of us and our art! I LOVE YOUR STYLE! hugs and again, thank you for the mention! xo


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