Friday, January 25, 2013

Love Can Make You Fly

My last post talked about re-joining the Artist Trading Card group that I have been absent from for a while.  I finished my four sweet cards that day and I really really love them, so I thought I'd share the final pieces.  Not sure how well you can see the quote, but it says:  "Love is how you earn your wings" by Karen Goldman.  I love the image of this because to me it means that once you truly love, you feel like you can fly, like you can do anything--whether it's the love of a spouse or a child.

Painting whimsical and cute birds along with words and quotes are a few of my favorite things to create.  I am personally inspired by words and phrases so I love to include them on my art--hopefully inspiring those around me as well when they see my creations.

Because I so enjoyed painting these, I also think it will be fitting to make all of my February blogposts about things I love, whether they are books, people, events or activities.  So stop by next week to read about all the things I love.  The dark, cold days of winter typically get me down, so I figure how can I be in a funk when I'm writing about things that are special to me, right?  


  1. GRAND idea, Jill! xo R

  2. Great idea for blogging - yes! And i love your cheerul birdies. Have a happy sunday Jill!


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