Saturday, January 5, 2013

Custom Paintings...Just For You

I know some artists don't really like doing custom or commission pieces, but I must say that I do...especially for a good friend or a family member I love.

A former coworker friend who moved a year ago (I wish she lived closer) is now having her third child, a girl.  When she first moved she commissioned me to paint these sweet pieces for her bathroom in her new house.

Now she is having me create two canvases for her new baby girl soon-to-be born this March.  I like knowing who I'm creating something original and special for, just for them, especially someone's sweet little baby.  I haven't started her new canvases yet, but I'll share them as soon as I can. 

Since I have custom commissions on the brain right now, I thought I'd share a few more custom pieces I've done for other friends and family.

The one above was done about a year ago for my daughter when we redid her bedroom to accommodate her Paris obsession.  This hangs over her bed so she can enjoy it every night before she falls asleep.

This is a gift I created last summer for my best friend Carrie's 40th birthday...we've been friends since first grade so she has been in my life for what feels like forever, so this piece had a lot of meaning for me while I created it.

This hand-painted picture frame was created for a friend from work for her to give as a gift to a friend she went to Mexico with.

The above three whimsical animal mixed media paintings were created for another friend from work for her sweet little boy.  Even though giraffes are my favorite animals in the whole world, I think I like the elephant one best.

Those are just a few of the commission pieces I've done in the past year.  If you are interested in a custom piece just for you, a friend or family member, I'd love to create one.  
Just let me know!

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  1. Those animal paintings are the cutest! I love the elephants too!


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