Monday, July 30, 2012

Look to the Sky

Connie of Dirty Footprints Studio lost an amazing friend in June and asked her readers to go outside and take a picture of the sky.  She was making a memorial to her friend John.  I immediately went outside with my i-phone--I'm a daydreamer who loves to just gaze at the sky--I wanted to participate in her project.  My daughter's name is Isabella Sky, so you know how I feel about the sky. It mesmerizes me, relaxes me, makes me feel much I can't even put into words.
She has put together this sky-filled and moving memorial that I just watched with awe.  326 readers submitted their sky photos for her memorial - she put it together with music, her painting and a tribute to this man in her life.  I feel subdued and wowed after watching it.  She's asking that we blog about someone in our life we've lost and also share a picture of the sky here.   Five years ago I lost my dad to lung cancer.  We found out he had cancer and lost him three weeks later.  Too fast, too quick to process.  I do look up at the sky sometimes and talk to him and wonder if he's with us in spirit.  I ask for a sign.  I usually don't notice any except the day we planted a tree for him on the land near his beloved up-north cottage in St. Germain.
A big group of us, my family and his up-north friends decided that planting a tree near the lake would be an ever-lasting memory of him.  As we stood around quietly looking at the tree, some of us adding water to it and some adding beer (my dad loved his beer before he got sick), a beautiful bald eagle came soaring around us above the tree.  It seemed like a sign to me.  It had to be.  It was at the perfect moment and the eagles usually stayed closer to the water and to their nests in the evergreens, not near us on land.  To this day I keep that moment with me as a sign that he was watching us celebrate him that day.
Thanks for doing this Connie--it is a reminder to remember our loved ones and to notice this beautiful sky that we are connected under.


  1. What a beautiful post Jill. Connies tribute to her friend is really touching and inspiring. Your story about your Dad is equally moving. How awesome to see an eagle, and so comforting to know that your Dad is watching over you. Take care! Wini xo

    1. Thanks so much Wini...I really like her idea of making a tribute like that to celebrate someone special.



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