Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Follow Your Heart

I am a girl who loves photos, color or black and white.  When we had our daughter Isabella I went nuts taking pictures and I love looking back at all the stages she has been through, especially when she was a chubby baby.  To me there's nothing like a really chubby baby to make me smile.  Since I love having photos around the house, I decided to start painting picture frames last year in addition to the canvases I create.  I know there are lots of other people out there who like unique frames to put their loved ones in.  Here is one of my recent picture frames that says, "follow your heart."

I hope that my paintings and picture frames can inspire girls of all ages to be true to their dreams and follow their hearts.  Do what makes them sing, what makes them smile, what lights them up.  This is what I'm finally learning as a grown woman.  I want to encourage my daughter who is now 11 to follow her heart and be true to what matters most to her.

1 comment:

  1. Follow your herat is a great advice for all ages! Love your pretty frame here. Cheers to a lovely week!


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