Saturday, January 28, 2012

You are here to...

Found this excerpt years ago in a magazine ad, not sure what magazine, think it was an advertisement in a sports magazine.  I don't really ever read sports magazines, but for some reason I was browsing through one and found this and instantly was drawn to it.  I still have it after all these years in my folder of inspirational words and pictures.  (I know it's proper etiquette to cite our sources, but like I said I got this probably over ten years ago and have no source attached to it at all.  So I'm not claiming it as my own, but I can't credit it, sorry.)  I hope you enjoy it.

You are not here to catch trains
and wear dress socks.
You are here to build things and teach things
and jump into lakes.
You are here to make things better for others,
better for yourself.
You are here to laugh, take naps,
and run around the basepaths.
You are here to live well.

(Instagram photo by me!)

I hope this message shares some inspiration for you as it does for me!  Thanks for visiting today.


  1. Thanks for the inspiration here - yes! We too often fall into the trap of living for what is expecterd of us! Happy sunday to you!

  2. Jill, I love this. And I love you collection and image. Having an emotional day, so this kind of made me tear up.

    1. Oh, Ann Marie! I hope it's a good kind of emotional day? Thanks for visiting--I love this little snippet of inspiring words too:)


  3. LOVE these words, and they seem vaguely familiar ... I wonder if I've run across them before? Anyway, thanks for sharing them. And thanks for stopping by my blog. Christine Mason Miller is one of my very favorite people and I'm taking an eCourse by Jenny Doh right now in addition to HSHB. She's great, too. Very encouraging and positive while still getting her point across. They are both very special women.

  4. What a great excerpt and your pendants look beautiful!!! It has been fun watching you enjoy your new iphone so much : )

  5. I love that...that is a great reminder!!! I might have o print that one out!!


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