Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Need Some Positive Affirmation

I think I am pretty good at encouraging others to think positively and try to frame problems as if they are great opportunities in the long run.  Deep down, I know this is true.  But I'm having a hard time with a consistently positive mindset lately.  Mostly regarding my creative goals and dreams.  I've been told that I am right where I need to be.  This is a comforting feeling except when I just want things to HURRY up and Happen!  I know--that's the opposite of what people keep telling me.  So I decided to look through some of my journals from the past years to see if I could find some uplifting and positive affirmation.

I found this meditation by Shakti Gawain and I like how it is worded in the present tense, as if all these things are already true, that I'm not just hoping for them.  I've read so much about wording our hopes and dreams as if they are already happening and I really think there is something to it.  I hope this affirmation speaks to you in some way as well.

The universe is unfolding perfectly.
I don't have to hang on.
I can relax and let go.
I can go with the flow.
I trust my own process.
I always have everything I need.
I have all the love I need within my own heart.
I am lovable and a loving person.
I am whole in myself.
Divine love is guiding me and
I am always taken care of.
The universe always provides.

(Photos by me)


  1. OK wow! What a profound meditation. I am going to make a copy of this and keep it close. And, beautiful photo of the rose.

    1. I know, isn't it a great meditation? I actually felt more at peace after I proofread it before posting. I also need to keep this more visible, not hidden away in the journal I only look at twice a year. Glad you liked it.


  2. Luv that thought, Jill!! Thanks so much for posting it!!

  3. Lovely meditation! Thanks for sharing. Nice photos, too!

  4. Love the meditation and photos, especially the rose...beautiful!

  5. Nice to read something so uplifting...especially with the beautiful cloud/sky photography you have on the sidelines...Ahhhh, thank you...

  6. Yes, these words and affirmations here are great! Just don't hang on to the negative, let it flow away on your inner sky like a cloud. The world isn't just bright - some darkness is neccessary sometimes ;)

  7. I know we all want things to happen faster! To already be in X place. Because we equate that place, the end point, as the happy important point. And I'm pretty sure being successful creatively IS going to be happier than right now, in the muck of it (at least for me!), but unfortunately, X place - the big dream - can't come true without this place that we're at now, today. And a few tomorrows. Also, I think that wanting it to hurry means taking whatever plans the Universe has for us out of the equation! When you really think about it, if you knew that the Universe had some pretty cool stuff lined up for you between now and your goal, would you really want to speed it up and miss it? :) thanks for stopping by my blog!


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