Monday, December 26, 2011

He Sees You When You're Sleeping

Hope you all had a good Christmas.  Just wanted to share this cute picture of Isabella sitting on Santa's lap on Christmas Eve.  He was talking to her about playing the flute and her periodically telling us she wants to quit playing even though she's very talented and a quick learner.  I think she was a bit surprised and embarrassed he brought this up!  I'm sure you can tell by her hand over her mouth.

I'm actually sad that it's over.  I anticipate it so much each year and always feel a little depressed when it's over to be honest, so I'm dealing with that right now, but lots to look forward to which takes my mind off Christmas being over so quickly and without snow this year.  Looking forward to spending time with friends on New Year's Eve, my 40th birthday this January, a trip to Lake Havasu, Arizona for spring break and new adventures in my creative life, one of which is Flora Bowley coming to Wisconsin!

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