Thursday, July 28, 2011

Twirl, Spin, Dance...Delight in the Moment

Just finished this new painting called "Twirl" and it makes me think of being carefree-of a girl with windblown hair spinning and twirling under the big blue sky.  Not a care in the world.  Getting dizzy with laughter.

I think inside I still have some of that girl in me, but need to express it more often physically, even if it's by myself out under the stars in my own backyard if I don't want anyone to see a 39-year-old twirling like a little girl in love with the world.  I know I shouldn't care, right?  Something holds me back sometimes from really twirling and reveling in the moment.  Why?  Why am I letting myself miss out on spontaneous joy?   I just sat back for a minute while typing this and some tears actually sprung up in my eyes.  Perhaps I've let that carefree girl get pushed further back than I thought, if just typing this prompted some tears. 

Do you ever just let go and revel in the moment, arms wide to the sky and just twirl?  I know I haven't really in a long while and the time has come to really feel alive.


  1. Your post hit a soft spot. "Twirl" is beautiful and a great reminder to be free.

  2. Thanks for visiting, Maggie. I'm assuming the soft spot has to do with what I said about pushing that carefree girl aside as we get older? Just a guess.

    Anyway,hugs to you too:)


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