Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Periwinkle Sky - What do YOU Think?

I just finished this painting called "Periwinkle Sky."  I've sold a few paintings with trees and hearts with the words I Love You "engraved" in the trunk.  This time I just decided to put a heart by itself.  I'm wondering what you think of it?  Is this something that someone would consider for their home or just for a child's room?  When I do art shows it seems that people just see my work as paintings for girls' rooms.  I want to branch out from that label and wonder if this just fits for little kids.  Hmmmm....any comments?

I'd love some feedback--it always helps to get another opinion!  Thanks!


  1. lovely/in any room!
    & i also adore those
    yellow stairs in
    the post below!!
    great to "meet" you!


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