Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh do these speak to me!

I found this page called Pretty Inspirations. that has tons of dreamy pictures of cottages, charming inside rooms, outdoor rooms, hammocks, sweet scenery and tons more.  (I'm sure these pics are from other original sites and bloggers, but I'm copying them from this site so that's what I'm referring to--hopefully I'm not stepping on anyone's toes!)

Here are a few of the images that really speak to me.  They are so dreamy, unique, relaxing and sometimes vintage.  I wish I could transform some of my house to give me the same feelings I get just looking at these pictures.  Ahhhhhhh........heavenly....



yellow and aqua

Tell me this staircase wouldn't just make you happy every time you saw it!

love this idea!

What a sweet cottage--it's probably adorable inside.

Living Small: Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

Soooo sunny and relaxing in white with the blue doors.

Look at those yellow doors.  Wow, wow, wow.

(via prettyspace)

It makes me want to redo my house, in creamy yellows, whites, creams.  I already have the blues down, but something about the light pastels and white just make me feel ahhhhhh.


  1. Love the pretty yellow and whizes here - such a happy combination!

  2. OMG I love this post! So airy, fresh, happy, and sweet! :)

  3. Thanks, Ladies! These pictures just take me away to dream land for sure.


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