Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring Days, Gotta Love May!

I'm loving these amazing spring days - my lilacs are blooming and my crab apple trees are fat with blossoms and amazing scents.  These trees and bushes are past Mother's Day gifts from Bella so I see them as extra special too.

Taking bike rides and doing the mulch in our yard is almost enjoyable because of the amazing breezes from all the flowers.  I'm actually pretty obsessed with taking photos of all the new beauty around us at this time of year.  I think I don't want to forget how amazing this time of year is before the blooms fall to the ground and the real hot days set in.

When I'm not getting the yard ready for the season I've been painting some new paintings, luckily in my sunroom which makes me feel even closer to nature because of all the windows.  I've got so many dreamy quotes I want to use in new creations as well.  Here's part of a quote from Mary Oliver that I incorporated into one of my paintings recently.  I love the dreamy feeling I get reading many of her words.

Mother's Day was also a special day because I'm so blessed to be the momma of a great girl who is the light of my life.  I know it may sound corny, but she truly is.

May 20 was also our 18th wedding anniversary and it was the most amazing day in terms of weather 18 years ago...it was about 70 degrees and all the crab apple trees were in bloom.  Here is one of my favorite wedding pictures from our professional photographer.  It was taken overlooking a cliff of Lake Michigan on that amazing day.  (I took a picture of the photo with Instagram so you really can't see how beautiful blue the sky is though).

I hope you are enjoying the month of May where you live.  May is my favorite month of the year for so many reasons and I'm wondering what your favorite time of year is and why?  Do you love the new blooms as much as I do?  Or are your seasons a bit different where you live?

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  1. Congrats Jil - love the wedding photo, really stunning! Happy anniversary and happy may!


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