Saturday, April 20, 2013

Images and Creations of the Past Week

I was excited and inspired while I created this inspirational piece for our choir teacher.  When she asked me to paint something for her classroom, I found four quotes about singing and she chose the one below.  It was so odd because while working on this I was painting and "collaging" almost as if I was crazy...I was so into it--almost like I had a muse over my shoulder encouraging me on.

This is a sketch from an art retreat I did a few days ago in Lake Geneva.  It was so fun sitting with some other artists learning how to draw "angelic faces."

Another session I took part in was a journaling experience with Junelle Jacobsen of Yes and Amen.  She was so fun and free as a teacher and I learned how to put my true self into my creations.  

This is the back of my head looking out into the water and at the night sky, things that really call to me.  Can you sort of tell that my hair blends into the waves?  If not, that's okay.

Here's a profile of me holding things I hold dear:  hearts that represent those I love, a bird that represents flying and trying new adventures, the sun, moon and stars that call to me daily.

A color-block journal page with colors that are "me" right now.  The flowers represent growth and I added the words acceptance, nurture and believe because they show what is prominent in my life right now.

It was a busy week but a creatively productive week too.  I met people in person that I've only talked to online and stretched myself as an artist.  It was fulfilling and uplifting!


  1. Love your journal pages here Jill, they inspire me to open an art journal again too. It really does nurture the soul! Have a creative midweek!

    1. Thanks, Martina! I used to hesitate art journaling because I felt like I was "wasting" my art supplies but now I find it healing:)



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