Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall's Here and I'm Thinking of Food

Fall has been here for a couple of weeks but today it seems like it's officially arrived because the temperature is dropping tonight, maybe down to 48 degrees.  I've even heard some relatives in Minnesota have a bunch of snow already too.

At this time of year I start thinking of homemade chili, chicken and dumpling soup and just getting cozy with some good comfort food.  Now, mind you I really can't stand cooking.  I just really enjoy eating.  I'm a sloppy cook and baker--really sloppy--and my cooking sessions have a tinge of disaster in many of them.  I find cookie batter in odd places in the kitchen MONTHS after I cook.  Tonight while making homemade mac and cheese I dumped a bunch of cheesy water from the kettle that I was rinsing right into the baking pan of mac and cheese that I was just about to put into the oven.  Water everywhere, on the window above the sink, the counter, the cabinets, my pants, socks, my daughter, the rug in front of the sink and yes IN the mac and cheese--which I mopped up with paper towel.  For the record I ate from the other side of the dish.  Ugh.

Avocado Enchiladas- You had me at avocado and again at enchilada
Avocado Enchiladas
Well, Pinterest has got me eyeing up some really yummy dishes and desserts that I will make this fall. I will probably complain while I'm doing it, but if I want to eat, I gotta cook, right?  I am in the process of recruiting my daughter to cook more though--it really doesn't agree with me.  Here are a few that I'm drawn to and will be trying soon.  I think.  If you love food as much as I do, pop by my Pinterest "yummy" page and check out some good-lookin' food!

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups. Four ingredients and no baking. Definitely on my holiday baking list this year.
Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

Also, if you have any REALLY easy dinner suggestions that a picky picky family (not me) will like, I'd love to hear them. Or if you'd like to make some of the recipes I've pinned and drop them off here, that would great lovely too of course. Thanks!

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