Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Day of May! Flower Challenge

I can't believe it's May 31st!  I have been participating in Lori Moon's blog challenge here and there so I figure I HAVE to post on the last day.  This sure has been a month full of flowers, outside and in the blogging world.  Today I'm going to share a collage I made on PicMonkey of some of my favorite flower  photos from this spring.  I hope you enjoy them!  If you can, get outside today and enjoy the flowers around you.


  1. This is gorgeous! All of those pinks and yellows are so pretty. New blog follower here...and I posted a collage today, too, for May Flower Challenge--seems to be something in the air ;)

  2. Beautiful flowers! Your collage is so refreshing to look at.

  3. Great minds do think alike. Love the collage! Jill, thank you so much for playing along this last month, commenting, linking and simply embracing flowers. xoxo


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