Thursday, November 17, 2011

heART Exchange - Off to California!

As I said earlier in the week I am participating in the heART Exchange sponsored by Louise Gale.  We had to create something from the heart with the theme "from my heart to yours" in mind for our partner.  Since we don't know each other (yet) I had to sit with this idea for a little while before I decided what to create for someone I've never met nor talked to even online.  Her name is Nicole and she lives in California and is part of a production company that "inspires women and girls."  I also noticed she mentioned having a sweet five-year-old daughter.  Well, we already have two things in common:  one of my goals in creating art is to inspire girls and women and I have a ten-year-old daughter who I think is pretty sweet as well.

Since I love quotes, I decided to find a saying that universally we could all relate to and I came up with "I Wish You Love."  I know, it's not exactly a quote, but it's a phrase that sends warm wishes to someone.

Here's my little creation.  It's a 5x7 collage/painting on canvas board that I hope will bring a touch of happiness to her and her family when they see it.  Creating this with a loving intention in my heart gave me that extra excitement that comes from creating with a specific person in mind.

I'm hoping Nicole will enjoy receiving this little creation from my heart to hers in a few days!

Thanks for visiting my blog today.


  1. Very nice, Jill. Good project, beautiful work.

  2. This is beautiful - I would be thrilled to receive it, so I am sure will love it. Great colors!

  3. Jill, this is simply wonderful. You done good girl.

  4. Very beautiful! I love your work and I know about your show (remember I had two that were bad). I'm checking into different venues for the right place to sell.

  5. I'm sure Nicole is going to love this! It's wonderful how much thought you put into this piece.

    Beautiful job, Jill!

  6. Thanks, ladies! I hope she likes it too (loves would be even better):) Hopefully I'll hear from her soon.


  7. This little heart says LOVE! So sweet and well done - how can she not adore it? Have a great monday!

  8. I love your painting, and the sweet sentiment that goes along with it. She won't be able to not love it.


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