Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Dreaming

It's March 1st!  Spring is finally getting closer everyday.  By this time of year I'm in quite a funk living in Wisconsin.  My favorite time of year is spring when the birds are singing louder, the breeze in the air smells different and soon green buds will be popping up.  We haven't taken a tropical vacation in two years and I'm having withdrawals so I'm doing a little spring dreaming below with some warm-weather places I'd love to experience.  Photos are courtesy of Coastal Living.

Sandy Cay

A private island just for two?  Snorkeling in the clearest water?  I can't think of anything better right now.  My kind of vacation.  Sign me up!

Daphne, Alabama - Sunset

Walking on this pier high above the water as the sun goes down.  Ahhhhhh.  Pure and peaceful. 

A little spring dreaming to brighten the cold winter days.


  1. Take me with you, Jill! I think its high time you took a "real" tropical vacation. I can't even begin to imagine know how you make it through a Wisconsin winter. In Georgia, we don't face the teperatures you do, but winter is difficult, even so. I try to fight seasonal affective disorder with bright color, and your art definitely helps to warm my heart!

  2. Thanks, Kathy. I'm jealous of you living down south! I thought spring was pretty much on its way, but we woke up to the ground and trees covered in snow! When our daughter gets done with school I'm considering moving somewhere warmer, where there is water and greenery year round! Thanks for stopping by!


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