Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Live it Up!

I absolutely love this quote and think I should post it somewhere more visible to remind me that I only have one life, I'd better do all the fun and interesting stuff my heart longs to do.

"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting 'Holy shit...what a ride!'"        ~John Mallow

Photo:  NY Daily

Seriously, I want to really live.  I'm sure I'm thinking of this because I'm getting close to 40 and reality is saying that I'm not a kid anymore.  If I have desires and dreams I need to start doing them now, or at least planning them now. 

Do you have any wild dreams or just any dreams of things you really want to experience, but have been putting off  for some reason or other?

A few of mine are:  go to Italy, Greece, Bali and Bora Bora (I know, not very cheap dreams)!  I have to work on some cheaper, more doable ones, but I need to start now.  Perhaps I need to make that bucket list that so intrigued me from the movie with Jack Nicholson.


  1. Hi there Jill.. I so know where u are coming from with this post.. I'll be fifty next Jan.. and I feel the same things.. the years go by and before you know it.. we are looking back and wondering where all that time went... it's good to have goals and make plans.. and yes really live!! xo hugs

  2. what a great post! I am a "worrier"- I've been trying this year to live more in the moment and stop worrying all the time about "what if's"-what a waste of precious time! My wild dream is visit my penpal in The Netherlands :)

  3. Thanks for visiting Kim and Bonnie. Kim--do you think it's doable in the near future to visit your penpal? Go for it!

  4. i am going to turn 51 and going to make my very first trip abroad to France. I am dreaming of visiting Italy,but i guess it will have to wait a few more years. We all need dreams, big and small. life's too short But we also have to be happy with the little things surrounding us. Yesterday, we finally had a very warm day, i was hanging my laundry and a robin was singing close by. i smiled, it was pure joy. I led myself to beleive he was happy too. :)
    happy day to you. love your work !

  5. Thanks bluberries in the fields! I'm going to check out your site and get your real name soon. Anyway, I do agree that we should be happy with the little gifts surrounding us for sure. The first blooms on our flowering crabtrees does it for me. I also saw a sweet little yellow finch outside the window and put a smile on my face.


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