Saturday, November 20, 2010


Thanksgiving is less than a week away and we're getting pretty excited for the holiday season.  This year we are cooking for my immediate family which will total about eight people plus one little newborn nephew.  Ever since I was little I couldn't wait to wake up and watch the Macy's parade and I still look forward to it though it's not as relaxing to watch when you're prepping for a big meal.  There's just something about the parade that thrills me (still).  I love the high school bands, the colorful floats, the Rockettes and even Santa at the end.  Maybe it still makes me feel like an excited little girl.   When that parade ends all I can think about is Christmas.  It's such a cozy time of year and I'm already in the spirit and can't wait to decorate the house!  I love all the beautiful rooms people share on their blogs that give such decorating inspiration.  Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!  I wonder what things other people are thankful for right now. 

A few of mine:  my sweet and funny daughter Isabella, our adorable puppy Mazie, the sun shining in the front window right now, having a great friend and her daughters coming over while the guys are out of town hunting.  I'm sure I'll be adding more as the holidays approach.


  1. very sweet post : )
    i'm thankful for the honest best friend, my supportive fiancee, being creative and all the beauty that surrounds me.
    hugs and smiles~ jill

  2. It's great to hear from another Jill--I've been meeting a lot of Jills lately! I love hearing what others are thankful for--it makes me smile.


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