Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Painting as a Getaway and Stress Reliever

My summer off is coming to an end and to be honest it's been a bit stressful and anxiety-ridden due to my health.  I'm not going to complain or go into big detail right now because I need a break from that.  I do want to share what I've been doing to try to ease my worries and some struggles running through my busy mind.

First of all, I wasn't painting every day and it really makes a difference.  So a few days ago I reminded myself that even just "messing around" in my sketchbook, not with the intent to make a finished, polished piece, would be a little therapy that would do me good.  It bugs me that I KNOW painting helps me but I still sometimes just don't do it.  Hello....just do it, right?

(Polka climbing rose from my garden)

Aside from painting and just playing in my art journal, I also KNOW going outside even for 10 minutes can give me a new perspective.  I have some beautiful flowers growing all around me and some shade (which I need) so I can enjoy the things I planted but still stay out of the sun that tends to give me a hard time.  Sad to say, I actually sometimes have to force myself to get out there, pick a few flowers or sit in the shade and read a good book...why?  If I enjoy it and it restores me, why?  

(Zinnias planted from seed this spring)

Do you have any things you try when anxiety or worry get the best of you?  I'd love to hear new ideas if you have them.

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