Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer Highlights - It's Almost Over

Summer's not quite over yet, but when you work in a school like I do, when I head back to work, summer's pretty much over.  Since it was a different sort of summer for me, having foot surgery, I'm going to recap my "highlights" and things I've realized before I head back to a new school year.

Gosh it's even hard to say highlights because I honestly had a lot of "low" periods.  I couldn't drive for eight weeks, walk on my foot for eight weeks or get my foot wet for eight weeks.  I tried to stay positive during this pretty long time but it got hard.  Really hard especially the first three weeks.

My twelve year old daughter helped when I needed it but very often with scowl on her face.  I tried to be understanding because she's only twelve and wants summer to be fun, but she had to be her momma's helper A LOT.  My hubby works A LOT so loneliness did set in at times I'll be honest.  It was weeks before I felt good enough to paint because I typically only felt good with my foot elevated and that's not so easy to do sitting at a desk painting.  Here are a few pieces I created while I was healing...

I'm also a big reader, but I found myself getting restless doing that for sooooo many hours a day.  I really learned how hard it is to have your freedoms and self-sufficiency taken away.  I realized how much I took for granted like carrying a glass of water to the living room from the kitchen--not so easy to do while using crutches.  I truly feel so much gratitude for the little things like standing in a shower, vacuuming or getting in the car and just running to the store when I need to.

I needed the help of friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to be my drivers every single week. These people were awesome and selfless!  Aside from my neighbors, they all lived 25 - 45 minutes away and came to help around my house, bring me cookies, dinners, iced mochas, magazines and take me to my weekly doctor appointment check-ups.

A few days I was full of self-pity, for the pain my foot was in and for the frustration I felt for all the things I couldn't do.  Well, a few of my friends sort of whipped me back into shape reminding me that I am in charge of my attitude.  This was one of my big lessons during my recovery.  Thank you to those girls who helped me realize I can be happy if I want to...it's up to no one else but ME!

A special highlight that helped keep me smiling was visits with my sweet niece and going to her first birthday party. She brought joy to me even in moments that weren't so joyful.  Even when I was in the pre-op room I thought how great it would be to have sweet babies in there with the patients prior to surgery, to keep our mind off the upcoming procedure.  I think it's a great idea because they are so sweet and joyful.

I'm hoping to start the new school year with a new foot that feels better than it did last year and a new gratitude for things that often seem so basic.  I also hope I can carry that lesson over, that lesson that I am responsible for my outlook and my mood!  Did you learn any new lessons this summer like I did? I hope you have some great summer memories and the new season brings even better things!

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