Friday, June 22, 2012

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me

I'm reading Susannah Conway's book This I Know and she's talking about her world of blogging and she suggested to write "ten things you might not know about me" and I thought I'd give it a whirl.

1.  I always have my toenails polished.  Always.  Even though I have big feet and long toes, they are always polished, a bright color.

2.  I was adopted when I was five days old and have met both my birth parents.

3.  When I was little I really wanted to be a beautician; now that doesn't appeal to me at all.

4.  I still am disappointed that I had to have a C-section when I gave birth to Isabella.  That was eleven years ago.

5.  My grandpa committed suicide about 13 years ago.

6.  I love arranging flowers in vases, especially ones I've grown outside myself.  I can get lost in doing this and placing vases all over the house.

7.  My husband and I have been together ever since April of our senior year in high school.

8.  I can't stand sweating but I really love summertime!

9.  My favorite animal is the giraffe.

10.  I really miss my grandma who told really great stories about my dad and his brother pulling pranks when they were younger.  She just brought these stories to life even though I asked her to tell me the same ones over and over.

Well, a few of those put a bit of a lump in my throat, but it felt good to reveal a bit more about me and what has shaped me as a now 40-year-old woman who still feels like a girl inside.  If you'd like to share ONE thing most people don't know about you, share it please.  Only if you feel comfortable though.  Thanks for visiting today.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Days and Summer Nights

We sure don't need a date on the calendar to tell us it's summer this year - it's been in the 90s for days in Wisconsin.  During the day I've been mostly staying inside to avoid this crazy heat.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I struggle if it's over 80 degrees.  I'm off in the summer so I feel super super lucky to spend time doing things at a different pace than the rest of the year, but then I get that nagging worry that I'm not enjoying it enough.

Every year though I tell myself I'm going to find a way to deal with the heat better and just get out and enjoy it.  Well, good intentions I guess.  I think if we had a pool or lived on a lake where I could get some relief with the water, I'd be outside much more.  Last night it cooled down a bit--probably to 80--and Shane and I did some vegetable garden weeding and then we just sat outside and enjoyed a bottle of Sangria and the night breeze.  It was really relaxing and fun just the two of us.  He works really long days so he usually doesn't want to do much at night, even just sit outside.  He wants to "relax" on the couch, but last night being outside on the patio was a great way to "ring in" the official first day of summer.   
Since I go back to work at the end of August and summer flies by I also tell myself every year that I MUST really live it up, enjoy every moment, do special know relish every single moment and make them extraordinary.  A lot of pressure when I come to think of it though.  But when August hits I always seem to feel a bit disappointed that I didn't seize the day more often.  I wonder if other people feel the same way or if they just live each day and "be" not try to "do" so much.  Like am I taking away from the moment by trying so hard to do something exceptional?  Well, all that aside I do vow to spend more nights outside just enjoying the starry sky...that isn't a crazy goal at all and it's something that I love love love to do.  I just got a magazine yesterday where they had a summer "bucket list" and I'm wondering if I should put together one of those or I should just take each day as they come. 

Do you have anything you really feel you must do when summertime hits?  I'd love to hear about it.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photo Highlights from this Amazing Week

This has been an amazingly beautiful week.  First of all the weather has been theeeeee best!  Sunny, birds chirping, no mosquitoes yet and amazing temps in the 70s and low 80s.  It has been heaven in my book.  Oh, and school is officially done for me as of tomorrow, so I have the summer off to enjoy my daughter and my art!

I want to share a few of the highlights through photos I took with my i-phone this week, starting off with a peek at my "new" desk I got from the local thrift shop.  Since the weather is nice now I'm going to paint in our sunroom that is connected to our bedroom, except when it gets too hot because there is no air conditioning in it.  So far I love painting out there because there are tons of windows; I can hear our outside fountain and the birds singing.

We also enjoyed taking Mazie to the dog park.

Saw this great message on a shirt at Target.

Yesterday after going to the library Isabella and I took our books and magazines to the park nearby and sat by the lake and read for about an hour.  I honestly felt so relaxed and at peace there and on the drive home.  I cannot remember feeling that serene in a long time.  I guess "they" are right about the power of nature and being outdoors.

I hope you had some beauty this week as well.  If so, I'd love to hear about it!

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