Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm on spring break - yeah!

Yes, I'm on spring break, but not on a vacation out of town for sprinig break.  Just off of work, but woohoo does it feel great!  I plan on reading, painting, napping and taking walks (if the weather actually gets better), and seeing a friend's brand new baby boy Cole.  Unfortunately, my daughter's school district had off this week, so this is our first year we didn't have off together--a bummer.

But....I will truly enjoy my alone time.  A lot.  Just finished this painting and posted it on etsy this morning.  I'm pretty obssesed with positive and encouraging messages lately and this one is entitled "Follow Your Heart."

It's amazing how ever since I started painting (what my heart has told me to do), I am such a happier, more at peace girl. 

 What does your heart tell you to do?  Are you listening?


  1. Hey Jill...I absolutely LOVE your painting/collage.....It is great......How is everything going? I havent had a lot of time to work on stuff this week...I really need to focus on my have just had no time...My kiddos have been home all is new with you? Anything fun?

  2. Spent a great day at the park with my sister-in-law, niece and sweet baby nephew yesterday--was lots of fun--right by Lake Michigan so it was nice to hear the water lapping below. My daughter goes back to school and now I'm on spring break this week--alone time-ahhhh. I've actually been working more on my own paintings more than BGC--this week's lesson wasn't as exciting for me.

  3. Hello Jill!!! Happy Easter!!! I wasnt that excited about the lesson this week wither..I havent worked on too much this week....I am so excited about the She Did it Anyway lesson.I think that is the lesson that is going to totally change everything for me.....It sounds like an awesome lesson.....I am so happy for you that you have been working on your paintings...I need to start working on some stuff for my etsy....I am taking am online course called Dream is all about selling handmade and branding and stuff...So far it is really informative.....My goal is to open a store.....We will new diet is going to be such a radical change for me...but I think it will make all the difference in how I feel and all of my digestive problems.....(at least, I hope).......Oggg..alone time....that is awesome..My kids go back to school tomorrow so I can finally get back into my routine....I really need to get to the gym..I didnt go all last week.......Enjoy the day........We will chat soon....


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