Sunday, December 19, 2010


Yesterday we went to the Nutcracker with the Milwaukee Ballet.  I absolutely loved it.  I felt like I was in a dream.  The costumes, the set, the ballerinas and the amazing music.  I kept wanting to close my eyes and get lost in the music, but then I realized I'd miss the show.  We were third row, right behind the orchestra, the best seats I've ever had.  It was my second time there, but our daughter's first.  I was so excited to take her because she's been dancing since she was four.  Well....she liked it but didn't love it she said.  I was a bit disappointed to hear that for sure, but I still think it was a special holiday experience to share with her.  We'll see if next year she has any interest, but I won't push it.  But I sure did love it myself.  I guess the little girl in me who wanted to be a ballerina or an ice skater is still drawn to this.

Photo:  Milwaukee Ballet website

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